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Fotografie Rožmberský řád lebky

Rosenberg Order of the Skull

10 Čec
Peter Wok von Rosenberg - portrait in adult age

Peter Wok von Rosenberg – portrait in adult age

Petr Vok z Rožmberka

Soukromá sbírka, obraz Petra Voka z Rožmberka s privilegiem pro městys Vyšší Brod (Petr Vok with privilege-decret for township Vyšší Brod)

Rosenberg Order of the Skull is one of the few original Czech orders. It was founded in the 16th and 17th century by aristocrat, owner of the giant South Bohemian dominion Peter Wok von Rosenberg. The order probably expires after the defeat in the battle of Bílá hora with Švamberks relegation who were heirs of Rosenbergs out of the country. The order was first restored in 1652 by Silvio Nimrod-Württemberg-Oels as „Herzoglich Württemberg-Oelssischer Ritterorden vom Totenkopf“. The original number of members of the order was limited to the number of twelve – referring to the number of the Apostles. Today we are taking a little more generous members, our order no longer applied Rosenberg numerus clausus. The initial values of the order, however, we remain faithful. The founding period of the old order of Peter Wok von Rosenberg falls into intellectually fruitful era of Rudolf II., the time when the Czech Kingdom belonged beside Elizabethian England and “cinquecento” Italy to the centers of the Western world.

Rožmberský erb, freska na renesanční radnici v Prachaticích

Rožmberský erb, freska na renesanční radnici v Prachaticích (foto Milan Wölfl, 2013)
Rosenberg coat of arms, segment of a fresco on the Renaissance-town hall in Prachatice (photo by Milan Wölfl, 2013)

This period is even full force rests on the foundation of humanistic thought and legacy of ancient ideals, yet have sought answers to the complex nature of transcendence, the human relationship to it, a reflection of the nature of the universe and man. These were the motives that led the father of our order to the idea of establishing a society spiritually oriented people who are not „just“ family members of the aristocracy, but the will of his might develop their ethical and spiritual nobility. Double-worded express desire to overcome the everyday, material and conceptual framework has been and is still the order’s motto: Memento Mori, remember the death and Cogita Aeternitatem, think about eternity . Graphical representation is then a symbol of the human skull. Likewise, we as ideological successors of the last Lord of Rosenberg, who was a great supporter of education, art and humanism, we strive through public debates (the crown is the opportunity to participate on a weekly order, a large debate on the topic of pre-stored), the sharing of our wealth of ideas and inspiration, reference our predecessors (among other major of Central Europe thinkers Theobald Hock, Angela Silesia, Jakob Böhme and Paracelsus) by refining our personalities.

Obraz legendy dělení růží

NPÚ ÚOP v Telči, SZ Telč, obraz Dělení růži (Legend of sharing of roses)

Protecting and promoting ancient structures and buildings. Support organizations and associations connected with the history and salvation of monuments. Restoring the Order of Skull Rosenberg was on Tuesday 14th July 2011, and from 2 December 2011 is Rosenberg order of the skull registered by the Ministry of the Interior as a civic association.

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